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Claes Puebla Smith

Claes Puebla Smith

founder 2004 of AliasSmith AB

First and foremost, we have a deep and true passion for tequila and this is the foundation of our company. We are continuously searching for the best products on-site in Mexico to deliver excellent tequila to Europe.

We dare to say that we have the best selection of tequila, Mezcal and Tequila 100 % agave in Europe. Our portfolio includes about seventy different products produced by fifteen different tequila houses; we are exclusive providers of about fourty different tequila products.

Furthermore, we have personnel and an extensive network in Mexico including producers, shipping companies, industrial organisations, etc. making it possible for us to provide an even wider range of products to the European market and perfect service.

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Years ago we realized that agave syrup is the best sweetener in cocktail mixology, especially regarding tequila and mezcal based cocktails. But until now agave syrup has only been available in health food shops and well-equipped retail stores in versions that far from met our standards for a high-end bar syrup. Our requirements were obviously too high for the perfect bar agave syrup; because what we really wanted was …

# a fluid syrup that can be used directly with no need for dilution with water
# a completely stable syrup with no need to ever shake the bottle to blend water into the syrup
# the highest fructose content and the lowest glycemic index (GI) on the market
# a syrup with a smooth and nutty flavor with a very enjoyable finish and no bitterness whatsoever, that will perfectly sweeten and enhance cocktails
# an origin guarantee, i.e. a genuine Mexican 100% agave syrup made from Agave Tequilana Weber Blue grown and harvested in Jalisco
# an organic agave syrup that meets the new EU standards for organic production
# a bottle that will perfectly fit into the speed rack, since spending time on re-bottling is a waste of time
# a presentation that is true to the origin and reflects the exclusivity of this sweet treasure


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VIVIANA la Méxicana -

We made an extensive search for a superiour and praiseworthy handcrafted tequila (sometimes called "mixto"). A tequila that could compete in aromas and taste with the best tequilas, but with a pricing that could compete with the industrially produced tequilas. We hit the jackpot when we got introduced to Feliciano Vivanco and his products.

This Tequila is made from 80 % agave (usually only 51 % is used) and very craftsman like done. It is the perfect tequila for exclusive cocktail mixology.

Viviana la Mexicana will be introduced in Europe in March 2011.

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Making perfect Margaritas from schratch by mixing handcrafted selected tequila 100% agave, a super-premium triple sec, rich and flavorful fresh lime juice and organic agave syrup with loads of cold ice in a Boston shaker is not for everyone.

To satisfy all lovers of this queen of cocktails we decided to develop the perfect ready-to-serve Margarita. By doing extensive laboratory work with a wide range of handcrafted tequila, triple sec, different blends of lime and lemon juice, bitters and selected sweeteners we devloped a truly fine and genuine Margarita recipe. The result is &Jones Margarita - you just have to chill the bottle, shake it, twist the cap and pour a perfect margarita. 

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Take a Tequila crash-course

You probably already know that the best tequila is solely made from Agave Tequilana Weber Blue? And that it can only be cultivated in certain regions in Mexico? But did you know that there are highland and lowland tequila; that the soil, the altitude and the weather greatly influences the aromas of tequila? Or that traditional caballitos and brandy sniffers do not work very well with tequila? Take our crash-course and become a more knowledgeable tequila aficionado!

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master tequila cocktails

Take the fast track to being the master of blending tequila cocktails like Spicy Tequini. In our cocktail room we will help you in getting started; learning about equipment, ingredients and methods. We will give you our best recipes for Margaritas, pre-dinner and after-dinner drinks, short- and long-drinks, shooters and real Mexican Sangrita.

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