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AliasSmith was founded in 2004 by Niclas Berg and Claes Puebla Smith. Both entrepreneurs passionate about fine cuisine. When concluding that the European market was dominated by industrial tequilas, they decided to try to change the situation. From that day they have done a great number of trips to Mexico, visited all the distilleries that export tequila, established a consolidation center to carry large numbers of different tequilas to Europe, implemented quality systems and strengthened its portfolio to include other Mexican products apart from the Tequila.

Today we distribute about 5% of all finest tequila selection sold in Europe, directly from Mexico or from our warehouses in Europe to 12 different European countries. We work exclusively and offer our customers a great advantage with the fine and large selection we have, quality systems  and support that has made our clients successful.

We dare say that we have the best selection of Tequila 100 % Agave in Europe

Our portfolio includes more than seventy different products from more than ten houses tequila. AliasSmith has the exclusive European distribution of about 30 of these products meaning that we can ensure the exclusivity of a certain product in a specific market. The other products we can sell to limited parts of Europe. In common for all our products are the very high quality requirements, handcrafted methods and that we have the most competitive prices in the market regardless of whether the product comes from our warehouses in Europe or directly from Mexico.

Finally, we are passionate about what we are do

We feel a deep and true passion for tequila; this is the foundation of our company. We have a great knowledge of tequila and work with the CRT offering training to professionals. This to develop the culture of tequila, and in some cases as part of the certification of "Distinctive T".

You can trust that we will help you build a quality tequila market in your country, providing marketing and strategies necessary for success.

Our mission is simple - to convey all European consumers this wonderful drink called tequila.

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