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Here you can find a number of classic and modern drinks and cocktail with one thing in common, they are all based on tequila 100 % agave (but can of course be made using a really good mixto). We will give you a brief introduction to the equipment you need, ingredients and some useful tips & trix. The recipes are divided into seven categories margaritas, pre-dinner cocktails, after-dinner cocktails (dare to exchange the avec), shortdrinks (if you like it stronger), longdrinks (if you like it bigger), shooters (if you like it small and strong) and finally the unforgetable Sangrita.


Undoubtely the most famous cocktail made using tequila. The number of recipes are emence, but we will reveal some of our favourite classic and hybrid-margaritas. Some are yellow, others blue or green, some are frozen and some are not. 

Try a new Margarita

Pre-dinner cocktails

We like a tequila cocktail before a nice dinner, especially if it is so elaborative yet simple as Spicy Tequini.

Prepare a pre-dinner drink

After-dinner cocktails

It is not yet common to serve an after-dinner cocktail instead of the usual cognac or liqueur. This is sad because many people think spirits are too strong and liqueurs too sweet, an after dinner cocktail could then be the perfect alternative! A nice creamy after-dinner cocktail will surprise your guests.

Surprise a guest


Shortdrinks are becoming more and more popular, not only thanks to drinks blended with tequila. The drinks we propose are all very fruity and fresh, yet with very concentrated in flavours.

Mix a shortdrink


Some of the most famous tequila drinks are longdrinks. The longdrink section contains classics like Tequila Sunrise and Tequilibrio, Tequila-twists of other classics like Bloody Mary, Gin Tonic and Singapore Sling and new drinks like Raspberry Cooler and El Diablo.

Refresh yourself with a  longdrink


Honestly, shooters are not our favourites, simple because they are the reason why most people have prejudice against Tequila. But if you really want to make shooters anyway, you will find some interesting recipes here.



In Mexico Tequila is often accompanied with a glass of Sangrita, a non-alcoholic drink made from orange, tomato and lime juice, Tabasco, Worchester sauce and more. The Tequila and the Sangrita combined somewhat resembles a Bloody Mary, but with a fresher bite.

Introduce me to Sangrita

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