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It is not always the first impression counts

The very first time we arrived in Jalisco, Mexico in search of tequila 100 % agave we had arranged meetings with representatives from more than fifteen different tequila houses - some who turned out to be interesting, whilst others didn’t have what we were looking for. All but one tequila house had showed up for the meetings. As we rung the tequila house in question, Tequila Selecto de Amatitan, we were told they had missed the meeting.

We arranged a meeting at the hotel three days later and got surprised to meet two men in “charro hats”; father and son Reynoso. This morning they had arrived in time, in fact, they had been there an hour early! We introduced ourselves to these two men to find that they did not speak any English!

Tequila with edge

During breakfast, Roberto and Dionysos presented their company and their products. It soon became clear to us that these two men had little experience of exporting. At this point I think we were both pretty sure we weren’t going to be working with these people in the future. This was of course until they pulled out the Los Tres Toņos Reposado bottle that completely caught us by surprise! This was a smoky Reposado, with hints of tar, unlike anything we had ever, and still haven’t tasted to the day. Though it is mostly smoky, one can still feel its complex character given by the cask and the agave plant can still be hinted. Basically, this was impressive smoky tequila! We were definitely lucky to find this unique tequila.

The Reynoso family (Roberto, Dionysos and Fernando) on their agave fields in Amatitan, Jalisco.

Agave growers for generations

Amatitan is classical ground for agave producers and cultivators. To get to the distillery one has to walk down almost a cow track, and just outside the building a massive tree has been growing for more than a hundred years, the whole place has got an “old touch” about it. But Tequila Selecto de Amatitan is in fact a fairly new distillery, but with old traditions. The Reynoso family had been working on their agave fields for generations. During the agave crisis around the turn of the century their agave survived particularly well, unlike others. Whilst others had all their agave ruined in the biggest tequila crisis in history, the Reynoso family got away with just one or two ruined plants. This left them with a lot of plants that were sold for large amounts of money. The Reynoso family had now the means to start producing their own tequila.

Modern methods, still traditional tequila

The family bought a distillery, it would bring out the tradition that had been with the family for so long; to grow agave and make tequila. The recipe for the tequila is unique and belongs to the family. The Reynosos tequila made long ago used to be a lot smokier due to the way the agave was baked in big wholes in the ground that were covered with grass, peat and soil. However today the old method is much too ineffective, so the tools used today to create this character are the oven and the toasting of the barrels used for aging the tequila.

Tequila Selecto de Amatitan's distillery in Amatitan, Jalisco.

Smoky tequila all the way

During the visit we also got to taste their Blanco and Aņejo, and we found that the Aņejo was even better than the Reposado! To our big surprise even the blanco was somewhat smoky, which can be explained by their special way of treating the ovens. Their stockroom was filled with casks containing smoky tequila, they had had some unsuccessful attempts to reach out to the domestic market. This probably because most Mexicans do not really appreciate smoky spirits the way we do in Europe. We are pretty confident that there is a great market for a smoky, still very complex, tequila such as the ones from Tequila Selecto de Amatitan. In short time Tequila Tres Toņos has become the best selling hand-crafted tequila in Sweden

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Segment: Super Premium

Category: Tequila 100 % Agave

Types: Blanco, Reposado, Aņejo, Extra Anejo

Producer: Tequila Selecto de Amatitan


"Los Tres Toņos Aņejo is the closest you get to Islay in Jalisco. Herbs, flowers and notes of tar define this smoky tequila. It opens softly with aromas of honey, relatively dry, grows into a fine balanced aromas of smoke. This is a perfect and lighter alternative for those who love smoky single-malt whisky."

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