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AliasSmith represents many of the finest tequilas available on the European market. Besides our unique product range, we will also provide extensive knowledge and experience in the history and production of tequila, Mexican and tequila culture, logistics and expertise on how to commercialize this wonderful drink. Simply, we are able give you everything you need to make tequila a success on your market!

Possibly the biggest assortment in Europe

Companies that provide handcrafted tequila from more than one tequila house are rare anywhere in the world. In fact we dare say that we have the best selection of handcrafted tequila 100% agave in Europe. Our portfolio includes about seventy different products made by ten different of tequila houses. We supply more than thirty different tequilas around Europe.

We are constantly seeking and evaluating new products to make sure that we have the most competitive portfolio. This is accomplished in collaboration with Mexican and European experts, as well as consumers. Usually we choose to test our products in real life in some of the best restaurants and bars in London, Copenhagen and Paris. We do this before making the decision to include a new product to our portfolio.

Logistics that work from the factory in Mexico to your destination

It is not always easy to transport products from Jalisco to Europe, especially considering how complex it is to consolidate products from different producers. Simply ask your shipping company if they are willing to do this for you, the answer will usually be a high bill or a no. Since our business is based on bringing a variety of products from different producers, our plant in Mexico and our network of collaborators makes this complex task into something simple.

Large orders can be shipped directly from Mexico, generally meaning lower prices but longer lead time (just the transportation from Jalisco, Mexico to Europe could take 6 weeks). If your order is small, we suggest that it is delivered from our warehouses in Europe (we deliver within 5 to 10 days after placing the order).

Providing a full assortment with many hard-to-get tequilas

When selecting producer and products for our portfolio we are looking for small producers using traditional handcrafted methods to produce a premium product. Several of our products are new on the European market and in many cases new to the world outside of Mexico.

We believe in versatility and our range includes products from different regions within the appellation of origin; tequilas produced with different cooking technique, fermentation, distillation and set aside. Agave from Los Altos de Jalisco or near the town of Tequila, traditional brick ovens against pressure autoclaves or combinations thereof, yeast selection, the construction of the pot still or alambic and the type and treatment of the barrels are all very important for final product. Our goal is to cover all these points and include the best in our portfolio.

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